An elegant design straight from the ADR drawing board. With an emphasis on detail and quality they have created the very comfortable and hard wearing Kubik easy chair. A touch of luxury for a reasonable price.
Design: TECH


A chair in the spirit of Henry Ford

The elegant design of this chair is straight from the ADR drawing board – a never-ending source of winning designs for us. With attention to detail and quality, TECHO has turned the ADR design into an extremely comfortable and hardwearing chair – a touch of luxury for a reasonable price. It is hand-crafted on a wooden frame that supports the black leather upholstery (in the spirit of Henry Ford, black is the only colour we offer). Take time out of your busy schedule to sink into a Kubik at any of the TECHO showrooms, and we will throw in a coffee. You will be able to enjoy your coffee in peace as we are confident that this chair sells itself – no disturbing sales patter required.