„Iconic shapes and imagery are the source of inspiration for this range of products, something with funk, soul, and style. “When I think of music and cool, the Jacksons, Hendrix and Kravitz have all at some time sported the classic microphone hairdo. This has been captured graphically in posters, album covers, t-shirts, and created a visual brand. I wanted to apply themes of this to a 3 dimensional object, the way in which the fringe meets the face, in a well-balanced ordered manner. It gave me the inspiration to design the shapes that link the products together.“  
David Fox, designer


Iconic shapes

A more compact chair which has arm, swivel or stacking options. It is an ideal hotel room chair, or for breakout work areas, where the stacking option makes it a versatile product for changing seating needs. Where the back meets the main part of the seat the chair boasts the iconic fringe line. Produced in moulded foam, and upholstered in fabrics or leather, its steel base can be powder coated, or chromed. Jackson is a flexible seating solution.