"Placing a vertical barrier between a source of noise and those disturbed by it helps to reduce the direct transmission of the sound. The higher the barrier the more effective it is at blocking sound, and a barrier can consist of partitions, screens or cabinets. The most effective barrier is formed by products with a dense core that prevent sound from travelling through by absorbing it on the outer side."
Design: TECHO


Acoustic comfort

70% of office workers state that their work would be more productive in a less noisy environment. Sonic acoustic screens contribute to the creation of a comfortable and productive working environment. They help to reduce the transmission of sound from one workstation to another, and thus limit unwanted distractions. The Sonic screens have been designed using advanced acoustic material from BASF - Basotect®. The high sound absorbency and fire resistance make Basotect® ideal for use in furniture applications. The Sonic acoustic screens create a comfortable work and relaxation environment and the low-key design enables interior architects to concentrate on the aesthetics of the space without restrictions.

8 reasons to use Acoustic Comfort

1.  Eliminate noisy distractions
2.  Improve concentration
3.  Enhance employee performance
4.  Lower stress levels
5.  Boost job satisfaction
6.  Silence loud office equipment
7.  Create a welcoming atmosphere
8.  Regain speech privacy