Order too few of these chairs and those without will feel decidedly insecure (and probably less comfortable)!
Design: TECHO


All of the above 

Order too few and those without will feel decidedly insecure, and probably less comfortable!  We wanted to find one word to describe this chair, but couldn’t choose between fantastic, beautiful, reliable, comfortable, ergonomic, elegant, desirable, inspirational et al. So we settled for ‘all of the above’. Don’t have just one of these chairs in the office – it will cause no end of jealousy and arguments.

TECHO’s Sidiz task chair offers consistently high comfort levels, regardless of the user’s weight and height, their posture or chair settings. Sidiz features the latest generation of mesh, to offer enhanced support and contemporary aesthetics. Sidiz not only provides complete comfort along with permeability and elasticity, but also delivers refined beauty and usability in its slim design. All this and you won’t have to sit down when you hear the price!