“Thanks to the use of an ultra light sandwich desktop with honeycomb core, a whole range of new opportunities presented themselves. The desktop is self supporting so no frame is required and material savings of 30% are possible.“
Design: Hans Verboom

“I like simple forms that are completely subordinate to function. The new engineering solution of the desktop material helped to achieve this, and it is also environmentally friendly.“
Design: Aleš Lapka, Petr Kolář

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When our design director was asked about the name of our new desking system he didn’t hear properly and replied ‘What’? Well Techo always sticks to its word so that was it. Anyway, it sounds better than the originally proposed “universal desking system”.

For a long time we had wanted to produce a desk with a “bulk” top, but were dissuaded by the amount of material involved. That is until now! The design team (ADR with Hans Verboom) have engineered a clever solution – a sandwich desktop with honeycomb core and integrated support frame. This means a 35% reduction in material requirement and enables the use of recycled material. The desk itself is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. A green solution that does not compromise the design or function of the desk. The result is also a desk with clean and elegant lines – it sits comfortably in a modern or a more traditional office environment. As you would expect from a modern desk, there is the option of advanced cable management whilst it comes as standard with a “look” that is destined to become a classic. Just be careful next time you are asked about the name of one of your products. A misunderstanding could infringe our copyright!

In addition to the desks, WOT also offers its own storage – cabinets and pedestals that provide personal space, liven up the office and meet the needs of a modern company.