“Thanks to the use of an ultra light sandwich desktop with honeycomb core, a whole range of new opportunities presented themselves. The desktop is self supporting so no frame is required and material savings of 30% are possible.“
Design: Hans Verboom

“I like simple forms that are completely subordinate to function. The new engineering solution of the desktop material helped to achieve this, and it is also environmentally friendly.“
Design: Aleš Lapka, Petr Kolář

WOT Executive

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In this exclusive range the desktop is actually the major structural component of the desk itself. All other supporting and load bearing components common for office desks have been eliminated. Thanks to this our desk system has a more traditional appearance that evokes a feeling of continuity between modern innovations and traditional crafts.

The WOT Executive desk was created specifically with managers in mind. With its stylish design, free of any separate beams or supports, it will help to create the ideal executive working environment.

Cables on a classic desk are the worry lines and wrinkles that can spoil the perfect look. No plastic surgery required here though – just clever cable management to preserve the elegance of WOT.