"The Arkus desk system has aged so well because of its versatility. TECHO is primarily a project furnisher rather than a furniture retailer. The big advantage of Arkus is that it is very good in a supporting role. It can always be adapted for a given project."
Design: Hans Verboom


Arkus C

A classic from day one

The Arkus office desk enhances office environments where emphasis is placed on the flexibility of office furnishings.

Versatile and functional, the Arkus solution combines simplicity, strength and an elegant aesthetic for today’s interiors. When launched it was revolutionary being one of the early beam-system desks. Configuration flexibility has kept it at the top of its class – it has an elegant practicality that does not age. It may have been launched last century, but it is a 21st century desk.

What is it that keeps the Arkus desk looking so good? Flexibility – it changes with the times.